Sunday, December 21, 2008

hey hey, me again, i was just sayin that now that i know where the posts show up on the page i can write things. ya know.lallalalalall as you can see i like twilight i read all the book s and really like it. so if you like it please comment and also.... please vote on my polls and such and also i dont know much about blogs but if you can comment the dont put any mean co[mments beacuse the only person you would be hurting is yourself and thats not cool. just so you know my fav twilight charecter ius alice and edward and ella, but mostly alice, she is awesome and awesomer and the best.i typed this pretty fast so if i screw up on some words pleaase be courtious and kind!!!!!!!! im pretty shure the only one who will be reading this is myra so hiii myra and your my friend and such things like that!!!!!!!!! and on hte subject of myra you to vote on my poolls and comment, again if you can idk bout things like that!!!!!!!!!


®iffy-Alice Cullen said...

Hi!!! I read your blog! (It's Risa, from the 80's Dance!) ^_^
Twilight rawks! I finally got the DVD. My friend gave it to me, because she had 2 copies. (Both were prezzies to her)