Friday, June 19, 2009


natalier is a bitchay. Since the first time i meet Emily, Natalie has been saying extremly mean things about me...*see below* b/c either my bff, Emily told me or i 3-way heard on the phone. SO LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything natalie said about me, i heard. She has called me countless names (retard, idiot, bitch, bowlegged, annoying, selfish, stupid, and MANY EYE ROLLS!) SO imagine somneone who you thought was your best friend say those things and then swear on her mothers grave (litteraly) that she hasn't! She would be on the phone with Emily and unknowingly me....and with my consent, Emily will say things like: "GOD, Chloe is sooooooo annoying) and then she will agree and say countless stories explaining the fact. She will act as nothing is wrong and secretly Emily and i know that i know what she says. SO one day...i was fed up just enough to smack her right in her eyelined eyes and Emily and i thought of a plan.....Emily went to Natalies house...all the while explaining how i am sooooooooo annoying. and they meet at pisans. I on the other hand was hiding under a booth at the same restrant...i saw them and i sprang to action
"Hey guys, didn't know i'd see you here" I said
"See i told you that was chloes bike" Said Natalie, Laughing
emilyand i knew who would have the last laugh.
i told them to sit down... and as soon as Natalier sat down i said
"Want to know a secret?"
she said: "ugh, is it one of those dumb secrets?"
"NO, its definitly not dumb" i said...winking at emily, laughing
"Everything that you have EVER said about me, i know, not from Emilys mouth, but from yours"
"Did i tell you?" said natalie, stupidly
i told emily "lets go" and we rode off laughing.
she then text emily : thanx
and emily called her saying: thanx 4 wat?
she siad never mind and emily said..."ARe you mad at me?"
"kinda" said natalier
"GOOD!" said both of us, screaming.
I then hung up.
later at my house Emily sent a text 2 her saying: im behind chloe all the way, Btw r u crying?!!!!!
"dont call me or text me said" said Natalier
then we said me or Emily
Her response was "Both! Btw im not crying either. Im calling the cops."
Our response was "good luck with the cops, and dont come to my party bitchay. Btw your acting like Taylor (crazy wannabe-emo ex-friend of hers) what a surprise! P.s: your out of the band!!!!!."


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OMIGOSH! i hate gym...and my stupid teacher...why does drama have to religiously occuor..
Cant people just live their own lives and keep it to themselves? i guess not. Well, me and three of my friends got blue extensions and they look realllllllly coooooooool! So thuis one girl who like dyed her hair pink was making fun of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And im failing gym!!!! me and my friend were standing on the basses for softball and just for one second i look at my friend and say hi...the ball rolls right by my feet! The gym teacher took out her gradebook and marked down our current gym grade of a C- to a probable D- or F...ANd you dont even want me to begin on other er... problems...Cant junior high be easy??? I just can't wait for highschool!

Getting madder by the second,
Mrs. C.A.C.C.

Goodbye humans!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

im getting really annoyed with cliche movies!!!! ghosts of girl friends past set me off. oh i din't do the purple streak just brown. but it still looks good. i dont want to go to school tomarrow but gtg savor the few hours till i hav e to face teachers again. Goodbye humans,


Friday, April 24, 2009

is dyeing her hair brown witht purple streaks...awesome!!! yayayayayyayaya!it will look soooooo cool... first im gonna bleach it and then dye purple streaks and then brown ones omgomgomgomg1

i am now obsessed with porpiouses there soooooo cute and lily allen is awesome!!!!


Monday, April 6, 2009

my friend natalie is over at my house now. emily is an odd one of my friends. i hope she doesn't see this. then she will hurt me. we are watching John and Kate plus 8 now. i have myras disk 2 in the first box set of buffy the vampire slayer. i will return it when i see you next. gtg try to skateboard with my new skateboard

goodbye humans,

Chloe Anabela Cullen

Thursday, March 26, 2009

*WARNING- this blog entry may contain spoliers for the first chapter of Midnight Sun (on SM's website of course)-READ AT YOUR OWN RISK*

i just read the first chapter of midnight sun on Stephinie Meyers website ( its not illegal.) It was really, really good and i also didn't know that when edward smiles at jessica/bella at lunch he was reading jessicas And when edward is in biology he is like "how many people will see if i kill everyone in this class" lol!!!!!!! When edward is in the secraterys office she keeps saying "too young for you" thats really gross, shes wayyyy to old for him but actully not really b/c he like has been 17 since 1918. But in her eyes.....EWWW. I just started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the on season one ep. 4. its really funny. i also got the twilight DVD and watched it a total of 20 times..thats so like me. And beacuse i got the copy at hot topic and not at borders where i went to the realese party i got a film cell of Edward...when he is in the cafe reading minds...i think *its really tiny* oh and i have also given up meat 7 days a week for lent *im not that religious* its not hard at all beacuse i really dont eat meat that much otherwise.

goodbye humans,
Chloe A. Cullen

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

hey hey, me again, i was just sayin that now that i know where the posts show up on the page i can write things. ya know.lallalalalall as you can see i like twilight i read all the book s and really like it. so if you like it please comment and also.... please vote on my polls and such and also i dont know much about blogs but if you can comment the dont put any mean co[mments beacuse the only person you would be hurting is yourself and thats not cool. just so you know my fav twilight charecter ius alice and edward and ella, but mostly alice, she is awesome and awesomer and the best.i typed this pretty fast so if i screw up on some words pleaase be courtious and kind!!!!!!!! im pretty shure the only one who will be reading this is myra so hiii myra and your my friend and such things like that!!!!!!!!! and on hte subject of myra you to vote on my poolls and comment, again if you can idk bout things like that!!!!!!!!!