Thursday, March 26, 2009

*WARNING- this blog entry may contain spoliers for the first chapter of Midnight Sun (on SM's website of course)-READ AT YOUR OWN RISK*

i just read the first chapter of midnight sun on Stephinie Meyers website ( its not illegal.) It was really, really good and i also didn't know that when edward smiles at jessica/bella at lunch he was reading jessicas And when edward is in biology he is like "how many people will see if i kill everyone in this class" lol!!!!!!! When edward is in the secraterys office she keeps saying "too young for you" thats really gross, shes wayyyy to old for him but actully not really b/c he like has been 17 since 1918. But in her eyes.....EWWW. I just started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the on season one ep. 4. its really funny. i also got the twilight DVD and watched it a total of 20 times..thats so like me. And beacuse i got the copy at hot topic and not at borders where i went to the realese party i got a film cell of Edward...when he is in the cafe reading minds...i think *its really tiny* oh and i have also given up meat 7 days a week for lent *im not that religious* its not hard at all beacuse i really dont eat meat that much otherwise.

goodbye humans,
Chloe A. Cullen

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